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Check out This Rich Yoruba Chief Travelling with his 4 Wives [PHOTO]

Penulis : hiero Wolvis on Monday, 1 September 2014 | 13:57

Monday, 1 September 2014

Yoruba and their polygamous lifestyle!   This must really be a happy family! Money is good though!
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How my beef with Davido started -Wizkid opens up

Davido said his beef with Wizkid started because  he felt Wizkid threw a shade at him,saying he does proper shows at proper venues ..In a new interview with Olisa Abibua on "The Truth" Wizkid told his own side of the story
That situation was just funny to me because we were all on the same flight. I got back, I was really tweeting about my show, I was talking about myself. I had a show in New York before that, that was like a year, two years ago, it was sold out, sound was bad, venue we used was was fucked up. I land for airport nah, I was going to my hotel, drove through the venue, I saw my name in shining lights, and I was like "Wow! This is me?"I came down, took a picture , posted it saying I do proper shows, proper venues. People started catching feelings
. When I saw that, it was funny. It was all just play, I no get time abeg, no energy. Proper shows, that's what I do, mehn. So if you get mad, that means,why you mad? You don't do proper shows at proper venues? Why are you mad? I wasn't talking to you. I feel that if I'm doing something for myself, happy about my success and you are hating at my success, I don' know what to say to you. Do I consider you as a friend or foe? I don't know
He also addressed his relationship with Tania Omotayo, his contract with EME and revealed this is his last album with the record Label
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''I Don't Have A Good Voice And I Can't Sing'' - Tonto Dikeh

I stumbled upon an old interview granted by star actress and musician wanna be, Tonto Dikeh- Pokolee, in 2009, when she was just 24 years old.
Recall that after participating in one of the editions of the Next Movie Star, Tonto started being popular after featuring in Mama G's musical video "National Moi Moi".Tonto was very fresh, cute and innocent looking in that video that many people started enquiring about her.
So based on her appearance in that video, she was asked the below question in one of her earliest interviews in 2009:
Plans of releasing an album?
“No! I don’t have a good voice and I can’t sing, but people actually commend that voice in one of Mama Gee album video and they love the voice and the song, which was an actualization for Mama Gee."
But today, Tonto is not just an actress, but now a singer, or a wanna be singer, maybe she has worked on her voice. She now has dual personalities:
Many of her fans were exhilarated when Dbanj signed Pokolee. Many are of the opinion that Pokolee is gonna be the Rihanna of Nigeria.
In the same interview, Tonto also talked about being a born again Christian:
Turning point in life
“The day I gave my life to God in 2000 everything became new in my life, since then His love has always and will continue to endure in my life because it gives me so much joy seeing Pastors and their wives serving God. Even young men and women serve God so why won’t I."
Being a born again Christian?
"Yes I can boldly stand on the top of the earth and say I’m a born again Christian though I may do things that are wrong sometimes, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m born again because we are all human."
Tonto granted the interview when she was a fast rising actress.
So, Never say Never,
You Never can tell what the future holds for you.
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Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo Returns Home With Her Baby Girl

The man who impregnated her is recovering from his health challenge, but Uche Ogbodo separated from him before giving birth to their daughter and has returned to Nigeria to live the single mother life. ,,
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Alamieyeseigha Cried Out that Jonathan Can't Control his Wife –– Governor Amaechi

Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has dismissed calls by the former Governor of Bayelsa State who was convicted for looting the state, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha for Amaechi to retrace his steps and beg President Goodluck Jonathan and return to the PDP.
In a sharp response, Governor Amaechi in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary David Iyofor dismissed the call by Alamieyeseigha. He said the former Governor was trying to stand logic on its head and was not bold enough to tell the world what he(Alamieyeseigha) told Amaechi when he came to discuss the President with him. 
“Yes, its true that Governor Amaechi does not have any personal issues with the President. And yes, when Chief Alamieyeseigha came to the governor to discuss this issue, he said that there is not much problem between the President and Governor Amaechi but he wasn’t bold and courageous enough to say in that interview what he told the governor the problem is. He told Governor Amaechi that he cannot understand why Mr. President cannot rein in, control or manage his wife. But for him to now go to the press to say something else is indeed most cowardly and timid of him.”

Alamieyeseigha had made the call in an interview with New Telegraph newspaper at the weekend. Amongst others, he stated that:

“I think there is no problem between Governor Amaechi and President Goodluck Jonathan. I think Amaechi should be humble enough to go to the President and say, ‘I am sorry’, because he has no place to go. A child that is not respectful will also not deserve respect from anyone. I have spoken to both of them. Jonathan has no issues. President of Nigeria is very powerful. I even told Amaechi: the first entity you cannot fight is Almighty God and the second entity is the government(President Jonathan). No matter how you interpret it, nobody can fight government(Jonathan) successfully…Rivers State will never be surrendered to APC.”

But Governor Amaechi, through his aide, rubbished Alamieyeseigha's statement. He said:
“How do one comprehend Chief Alamieyeseigha’s logic or reasons for saying Governor Amaechi should go and beg President Jonathan and retrace his steps? Please, to where should the governor retrace his steps to? Back to PDP? The same PDP that Governor Amaechi led Rivers people to give total support and give Mr. President over two million votes at the 2011 elections with nothing to show for it after almost four years! Instead territories and oil wells belonging to the State are been given to other States”

“Is he saying that the Governor cannot hold a contrary view, opinion from Mr. President on issues, based on principles and the interests of Rivers State, because Mr. President is all powerful?”

“Chief Alamieyeseigha’s understanding of respect, disrespect and desecration of the office of the President is warped and indeed befuddling. For Chief Alamieyeseigha, what amounts to disrespect and desecration of the office of the President is Governor Amaechi’s decision to stay with his people, fight for what is theirs and dogged stubbornness and refusal to cede any part of Rivers State including its oil wells to Mr. President’s home state of Bayelsa! For him, the Governor’s fight for the interest of Rivers State and its people, what is due the State is given to the state by the federal government is tantamount to disrespecting and desecrating the office of the President! How preposterous!”

“Chief Alamieyeseigha says APC will never take Rivers State! We feel sorry and pity for him. It’s so apparent that he belongs to and lives in the past and has blindly refused to see and face the reality of the present. APC has since taken over Rivers State. APC is in control in Rivers State and Rivers people are fully with their Governor in APC. If deluding himself to think otherwise, would make Chief Alamieyeseigha sleep well at night, then he can continue to live in dreamland.”

“While we do not begrudge Chief Alamieyeseigha’s political affiliation or his decision to truckle, grovel and genuflect before whoever he so pleases, we also expect and demand that he respects the right of Governor Amaechi to choose his political party and associates; and to disagree with anyone, on principles and issues that are not in the interest of Rivers state and Rivers people.”

“Finally, We want to state categorically that Chief Alamieyeseigha’s comments against Governor Amaechi in that interview with New Telegraph on Saturday is an undisguised and disgraceful sycophantic voyage that a man of his standing should never have ventured into”, Iyofor concluded.
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Police Officer Falls and Dies While Beating His Wife in Lagos

A Police Officer, Inspector Danjuma Daniel attached to a police division in Apapa, Lagos, died on Thursday afternoon during a fight with his own wife.

The scuffle between Inspector Daniel and his wife got so serious  that the couple fell from the balcony of their apartment ─ a two-storey building. The couple, it was learnt, was staying at the Ijeh Police Barracks, Obalende, Lagos.
The late police inspector and his wife, identified simply as Ada, who had lived in the barracks for about 10 years, sustained grave injuries from the fall...

According to Punch, when they were rushed to a nearby hospital, Daniel was said to have been confirmed dead by the medical personnel, while the wife was admitted for treatment.

It was learnt that Ada, a trader in a nearby market, was discharged from hospital on Saturday morning.

Speaking with Punch in Lagos, Daniel’s first son, Emmanuel, said he was informed about his father’s death on the telephone. He explained that he was staying with an uncle in the Mile 2 area of the state.

He said, “I don’t know what could have caused the fight. I was not at home. Dad and mum have lived in this barracks for about 10 years now.

“We were formerly staying in Nasarawa State where dad initially served. In Lagos, I don’t stay with them, but my two sisters do. Mum has returned from the hospital, and she is back home now, but she cannot talk to anyone for now.”

However, it was learnt from a resident that Daniel, an Eggon man from Nasarawa State, had had clashes with his wife before the incident. The source added that the fight on Thursday suddenly turned ugly and led to their falling off from the two-storey building.
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